Weekly Cut & Trim

Claim your summer back! By hiring a professional TheLocalGuys lawn care crew for the summer, you won’t have to touch a lawn mower again. With regularly scheduled visits, your lawn will enjoy weekly haircuts and trim, ensuring a healthy looking lawn. Once the trim has been completed, we always blow off your walkways to give your yard a well maintained and clean look.

Grass Mulching

If your lawn is under 6 inches at the time of mowing, our crews will include grass mulching as part of the lawn service, at absolutely no additional charge. If longer than 6 inches, bagging and removing the grass is required for a small fee.

Grass Mulching is when the grass clippings are left on your lawn, providing nutrients back into your lawn, promoting health and growth. This is accomplished by allowing moisture to keep in your lawn, protecting the “crown” of your grass.

One Time Cut (or Holiday Cut)

Yes, we can accommodate one time cuts or holiday cuts (1-3 weeks of service) at a very reasonable rate. We provide the same professional service, including sidewalk blow offs and grass mulching.

View Our Packages and Rates And enjoy your summer, lawn mower free.