What is Core Aeration?

Grass roots must have air (oxygen) to be healthy. When soils become compacted there is little room for air or water to be present. Under ideal conditions the soil should be composed of 50% solids,25% air and 25% water. Core aeration removes several plugs per foot to allow air and water to enter the soil, resulting in a compaction-reducing swelling of the soil.

Aeration can benefit every lawn. When you see any of the following indicators you should consider an aeration for your lawn: heavy clay soils, weeds, excessive runoff and puddling, sparse thin lawns. Often a bumpy lawn is caused by soil erosion, not dew worms. Newly sodded lawns, especially peat sods can be aerated as soon as they are well rooted: (8-10 weeks). Lawns can be aerated anytime there is adequate moisture, but the best times to aerate are in the late spring and early fall.

What We Do For Core Aeration

The crew will aerate the entire lawn area with a machine, walking back and forth in a similar pattern to mowing the lawn. It pulls small 1 ½ inch – 2 inch plugs of soil out every few inches and deposits them on the surface of the lawn. This is where the plugs will be left to breakdown. The crew will then blow off all of the debris on the sidewalk.

Benefits of Core Aeration:

  • Breaks through thatch and eliminates layering
  • Stimulates the breakdown of thatch
  • Helps relieve soil compaction
  • Improves air exchange with roots
  • Has vertical mowing action which stimulates new growth
  • Reduces puddling and allows more efficient use of water
  • Improves fertilizer uptake and drought stress tolerance
  • Improves turf resiliency and cushioning

Summary of Core Aeration

Core aeration is vital to help a lawn to become thicker and healthier, more drought and weed resistant. Core aeration is an excellent way to ensure the health of a lawn, and can be done at anytime in Spring, Summer, or Fall. (For example, Golf courses aerate up to 4X/year).

Aerators can easily damage irrigation heads, so it is important to get irrigation heads marked prior to aerating.

Please Note:

The plugs should not be removed from the lawn, they aid in the improvement of the lawn. However, the plugs can be cleaned up & removed on request for an additional fee.

Service can be done anytime throughout summer season.

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